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Serial no.                                             602496

Model                                                  F

Working surface of table                     24" x 96"

Automatic traverse of head                 24"

Vertical movement of wheel head      30"

Maximum distance under 20" wheel   25"

Wheel size                                           20" x 6" x 12" C/B

Spindle motor                                      30 hp, 1160 rpm

Hydraulic motor                                   20 hp, 1160 rpm

Coolant motor                                      1/4 hp, 1725 rpm

Vertical head motor                             3/4 hp, 1725 rpm

Neutrifier                                             Model 2T1

Coolant separation tank                      Yes

Approximate weight                            28,000 lbs.


Price:  $  24,500.00       FOB Houston, TX

                                    SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE


Comments:  This is an older (mid - 40's) grinder which we purchased from

a local grinding shop.  Originally this company used this grinder to sharpen

shear blades, but several years ago they purchased a knife grinder and two

years ago purchased another grinding shop which had an even larger knife grinder,

consequently this grinder became surplus and was not used.


We have reconditioned this grinder.  Major items as follows:  We found six weak

spots in the magnetic chuck and it has been disassembled, cleaned and repaired. 

The spindle bearings have been replaced.  The ways had some scoring which  had

been filled and flecked.  The hydraulic cylinder which strokes the table has been

rebuilt and the tank and valve body cleaned and rebuilt.  Finally, the machine has

been cleaned, painted and cycled.


G&L company can be reached at: 

BUS:   616-451-2865, FAX:  616-451-4715 

336 Straight Ave. S.W., Grand Rapids, MI, 49604-8482, 

Attn:  Scott Blahnik, Parts & Service.